You've Seen Us, Now get to know Us!


Walter Behaylo:

Mac krause:

Hi! My name is Walter Behaylo, and I'm a junior at CHS. Some of my favorite foods are bacon and coconuts. I do ACHIEVE tutoring and also babysit. In the winter, I work as a ski instructor. I look forward to helping you meet all your academic goals this year (and maybe have some fun too)!

Hi, I'm Mac Krause. I'm an 11th grader at Columbia High School who loves soccer, snowboarding, and of course, math! I have worked as a camp counselor both at Willow Lake Day Camp and also Maplewood Backyard Sports camp, which I created myself. I tutor through the ACHIEVE program and have tutored on my own as well. I can't wait to share my knowledge and love of math with MAPSO!

Banks ugly ass.png

Banks Grumieaux:

Ava de la torre:

Hi, I'm Banks. I play lacrosse for Columbia and I love snowboarding, skiing, football, and math. I've worked with kids a lot, both as a camp counselor and tutor, and I can't wait to continue doing so and passing on my math skills to the next generation of MAPSO students!

Hi! My name is Ava de la Torre, and I am currently a junior at CHS. I took AP statistics last year and am taking BC calculus this year. I tutor and babysit kids around my block. I play academy soccer year round, and when I'm not playing soccer you can find me cuddling with my pets. This year I hope we can reach all your academic goals and have fun along the way!


Lindsay Gross:

Dexter Clyburn:

Hi! My name is Lindsay and I'm currently a junior at Columbia High School. I love skiing and am on the Columbia soccer team. I tutor kids in math with ACHIEVE, babysit, and lifeguard over the summer. I can't wait to help the next generation of MAPSO students!


Hi! My name is Dexter and I'm in 11th grade at Columbia High School. I like sports, snowboarding, math and science. I play ultimate frisbee in the fall and spring and basketball in the winter. I like to work with kids and have lots of experience working with them, both as a camp counselor and as the oldest of three siblings.


Jacob Messeri:

d'arcy perlman:

Hi, my name is D'Arcy Perlman. I'm a junior at Columbia High School and I love to run, ski, and bake. Math and science have always been my favorite subjects and I hope to study molecular biology in college. I've babysat and tutored since middle school, and I'm excited to expand my tutoring to more kids in MAPSO!

Hi, I'm Jacob. I'm a junior at Columbia and I have experience as a tutor with ACHIEVE. My favorite school subjects are math science and history. Outside of school I play baseball for Columbia and work as a senior counselor at a sports camp during summer. I have tons of experience working with kids and I'm excited to continue doing so as a Cougar Tutor!


Ben Christmann:

Hi there! My name is Ben Christmann and I am a junior at Columbia High School in Maplewood. I am currently taking AP Language and Composition as well as Calculus. I play soccer for the school team and work coaching kids throughout the year on my own time. I also love to run and read. I hope I can be a great help in your academic adventures in the coming years!